Breast reduction surgery, Feb. 28th 2013

so i had my surgery today and they took a ton off. i think i’m like a c or b cup now, which is honestly a lot smaller than i thought they’d take them. 

I was more nervous for the IV going in my hand than the surgery, and then it wasnt that bad. I tried to stay awake when they were giving me the anaesthetic and i remember everything except drifting off. I also dont remember being asleep. I woke up groggy and i had to sit there for an hour so i dozed in and out. Then they wheeled me to recovery and brought in my mom and boyfriend. I was feeling pretty good and then all of a sudden I felt sick and had to throw up. worst tasting vomit of my life; all bile. after that i felt fine and they gave me some gravol. Then they checked my blood pressure a bunch of times and after about a halfhour i took the biggest piss. Since i left the hospital i don’t feel too bad. some discomfort, i can feel the incisions and i’m getting a few sharp pains every now and then, but the Tylenol 3 has been working well.

I get my bandage dressings off tomorrow and he’s taking my drains out. I’ll see my bloody nips and how tiny they are. Thank god its all over with.

today my mum told me she wants me to see a psychologist about my being transgender. It’s like she thinks if some rich bitch psych gets into my head im going to have an epiphany and realise “Wow! I actually was a girl all along! how misled i was by my teenage know it all brain!”.

she will be sorely disappointed.

ive finally come to the point in my transition where i want to buy a soft pack

i dont think i’ll ever get over the fact that i’ll never know what its like to have a boner

today, for the first time in forever, I got dysphoric and it sucked. 

I forgot how shitty it is


my personal thoughts on gender

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I hope I don’t get that really trashy sounding chainsmoking lesbian trailer parker on meth gay man in disguise voice some unfortunate guys end up with.
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i’m getting a haircut next week, photo reply with hairstyles

anonymous asked: What binder do you currently use ?

The ask wouldn’t post so i made it a text post.

I wear two binders. An xxl tri top and a large tri top.

i really hope that when i go on t my dick grows a lot i’m lookign forward to blowjobs